And so it begins….again

Over seven years ago when I started this venture, I had just moved to the opposite side of the country. I was away from my friends, my family, and my comfort zone. I suddenly and abruptly left my dream job, and I had no job or home of my own waiting for me when I reached CA. I had a very happy, successful and comfortable life, and to say it was a bit disruptive is the understatement of the year.

I won’t bore you with all the details. My closest friends and family are all aware of the circumstances, and I won’t dwell on the past, or in my past sadness. Suffice it to say, I initially started this blog as a distraction, as subterfuge of a life in turmoil.

Fast forward 7+ years. I’m newly happily married. I have a wonderful house in a quiet and safe neighborhood. I have an amazing and loving family. I have a tight group of good friends who I’m blessed to have had in my wedding two months ago. I don’t worry about where my next meal is coming from. Life is pretty good.

But there’s always room for improvement. There’s always something else to pursue. For me, it’s the creative side of me that I’m continually trying to give an outlet. There’s a need and desire inside of me, and I have always told myself, “ write it down, Zayka!!” Somehow, it seems like there’s always a reason or excuse not to write. I’ve decided that ends today.

If you scroll to the beginning of my blog, you’ll see a very young and optimistic 30-something year old man write his first blog post entitled “And so it begins.” I wish I could talk to him. I wish I could warn him of what was to come. I wish I could encourage him. I wish I could tell him all the things I’ve experienced in the past 7+ years, and all the love and support I’ve received since then from the same people who loved and supported me even then. I would tell him about all the new and amazing things that would come into his life if only he could weather the storm.

This blog is partly for him. It’s also for present day me. It’s to help motivate and inspire myself to do what I love, and pursue my passions. It’s to help myself grow and improve, one word and thought at a time. It’s to hold myself accountable to you…and mostly to myself.

I’m glad you’re here for the ride.


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