Riding in Style

The vehicle we choose to drive can be a deep and often times complex choice.

Especially here in America, we choose a vehicle that we feel reflects our personality, and sometimes more importantly, we carefully select one because we feel it will prove our individual worth to the world. Most importantly however, at least for some, we try to find a vehicle which will suit our needs in the best possible way while simultaneously giving us the most pleasure and enjoyment.

It’s a tough balance to find.

Consider for a moment: One of the most popular cars on the road, and still top on the “Stolen Car” list, is the Honda Civic. Simple, economical, fuel efficient, and extremely low maintenance. They’ve been making this car since the early-70’s, and there are still so many on the road, and the parts are incredibly plentiful and reasonable, hence a big part of the reason they’re stolen so often.

2019 Honda Civic

The beauty in the Civic is that you can lead a generally worry and stress free life when you own one: they don’t break down often, the service and maintenance is fairly basic and reasonable, and they get you from A to B without costing you a premium. It’s a safe, basic and economical solution to your life.

The only problem is that they’re not exciting, and will not make you thrilled to own one, or particularly proud when you’re seen out with one. There is absolutely  no whisper of a thrill, or any chance at dangerous excitement. The car gets the job done, but will not enhance your life in any way other than being a dependable, steady presence.

Now consider an alternative: the BMW M3 coupe. It’s an aggressive, beautiful, and stylish car. The attention to detail is stunning, both inside and out. The power it produces is jaw-dropping, and the acceleration and horsepower will leave you smiling like a child. It’s a truly incredible machine, and most people would love to be the proud owner of such a beautiful, powerful and well designed machine.

It will also cost you more than the average American’s yearly salary.

BMW E46 M3

You will have to work very hard to own one, and just as hard to maintain one, considering that the service and maintenance for these vehicles is also high. Parts are not as readily available, and you will often times have to wait for shipping from Germany. There is definitely a higher cost of ownership than the Honda, but to people who own and drive one, its well worth the sacrifice.

We’ve been discussing vehicles, and it’s an important choice. You spend a good portion of your life with your car, and a large amount of time in and around your  vehicle. You want to be certain you’re happy and have made the right choice.

What if I told you that most people approach their relationships this way? What if I suggested that many people opt for the Honda Civic when they really want, and in most cases, deserve, the BMW?

Sadly, I think it’s true.

Thoreau once stated that the “mass of men lead lives of quite desperation.” Cars weren’t invented yet when he said that, but he and I are stating the same idea. So many people settle for mediocrity in their relationships, and are content to live a safe and economical existence, just like driving the Civic. It runs ok, and functions fine, but it doesn’t add to your life in any way. It doesn’t excite you, or make your life recognizably better, or even get your thinking about it, anticipating the moment when you can be behind the wheel again, enjoying the thrill of life.

I think so many relationships and marriages fail because people settle for the “safe” Honda Civic, when they really want the BMW M3.  For various reasons, though….they opt for the easier, safer and more economical path, and then resent it later, especially if they’re exposed to the fun, thrill and excitement of  the performance car. Then, there’s no going back. You can’t get that feeling out of your mind, or your heart. Once you see how good it can be, you will make every sacrifice necessary to drive what really excites you and fills you with happiness. It’s the reason there are so many car loans…because there are many people who are willing to make that sacrifice!

It is truly worth it, though. To live a life without an ounce of excitement…that’s not a life worth living. I choose to believe that no one would knowingly and willingly enter into a relationship with the express intent of leading a mediocre, boring and passionless life. Somewhere along the line, however, we sometimes get caught up in a relationship that had settled into the realm of being “ordinary.” Some people choose to stick with it, but others make the decision to “trade up.” That is always the best decision.  Your dream car is out there, waiting for you, and when you find it, you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing all that time with something that didn’t excite you or make you truly happy.

A Civic is a fine vehicle. I’ve owned several vehicles like it. They just don’t excite me or make me passionate about life. You forget how good it can be until you experience something better, then there’s no turning back.

I’ll stick with my exotic foreign vehicles. It makes life worth living.


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