Cuban Curried Chicken

Another great crock pot recipe.


This recipe is nice because it incorporates curry very delicately into the dish without being overpowering. Curry is one of those potentially overwhelming spices that can quickly overcome a dish. The nice part of this recipe is that it strikes a nice balance, so that it is not overpowered, but you can certainly enjoy the flavor of the spice.

I made this dish with two changes: I omitted the raisins because, well…I just thought that was odd. I also used chicken in lieu of turkey. It worked out nicely. It was incredibly tender and flavorful, but I do suggest searing the chicken before starting to cook everything in the crock pot. I also used a red onion, as I thought that provided the best flavor in conjunction with the chicken.

This dish is tasty, and quite filling. It was a family pleaser!



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