White Noise 2:The Light-A movie review

If you enjoyed “White Noise,” and are looking for a sequel that will pick up where its predecessor left off, then you will be disappointed. If you are seeking a far better, deeper, and more thought out movie in the same genre, then you will be in for a refreshing surprise. “White Noise 2: The Light” accomplishes everything you want in a horror movie: scares, suspense, a dramatic rises and falls in storyline, and it leaves you thinking a bit at the end, which is an added bonus for a horror flick!

“White Noise 2,” which was released in 2007, contains none of the same characters or plotline from the original. Its only resemblance is that they both deal with EVP (electronic voice phenomena.) This movie is original in that it deals with a man who loses his family to a double homicide, and then experiences a near death experience himself. As a result, he can now see a light (hence the title) surrounding people who will meet their death in a short amount of time. He discovers that he now has the power to intervene in these people’s lives, thus altering the chain of events leading to their death. The catch, as they say, is that these interventions don’t come without consequences.

The main character and protagonist, ably played by Nate Fillion, is a well-written character that keeps you interested throughout the duration of the film. Fillion plays him in a subtle way, and the acting in this movie is richer, more believable, and deeper than most of what you will find in this genre. You begin to care about his plight, which usually does not happen in these movies. The supporting actors do a good job of moving the story along and keeping the tension building.

The screenplay is pretty solid in this one. Thanks to some decent writing and character development, a rare trait in this genre, the viewer is pulled into the world of the characters, and stays submerged in the plot line until the resolution (perhaps) at the end. The writing allows for several surprises, and as I mentioned, will have you talking about it at the end.

The direction and photography in this film are pretty solid as well. The movie does employ the typical scare tactics you might find in many horror movies, but that’s to be expected in a movie like this, and doesn’t really detract from the film. It has several of the “music crescendo to quick jump” moments, but the director wants to build suspense, and not have the viewer relax. It is clear the director took his job seriously, and had every intention of creating a scary, fun, intricate story. In my opinion, he succeeded.

Overall, this movie is well worth the hour and a half it takes to watch it. While I may not go out and purchase the commemorative laser disc edition, it was an entertaining and enjoyable movie, and it even succeeds in scaring you a bit. With so many movies in this genre leaving the viewer disappointed, I would say that “White Noise 2: The LIght” does not disappoint, and is worth a look. Oh, and for those of you on a tight budget, it is also showing for free on Netflix now, which is always a bonus!

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