And so it begins…

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

He was right.

I have so many reasons why I don’t write more often, but I don’t have one good reason for not finding the time. I will attempt to fix this deplorable situation herein.

I have decided that I will dive right in, and start writing about anything and everything. I really mean this too. I have always been fascinated, and oftentimes insulted, embarrassed and disgusted by human nature, so many of my posts will encapsulate these thoughts and feelings. On the other hand, I do consider myself to be an optimist, and there are many things I see on a daily basis that demand praise. I will also attempt to do justice to those observations.

I believe there is much beauty in the world, and that is worth sharing, discussing, and documenting. My hope is that you, the reader, will share this journey with me. I encourage you to leave a note, a thought, a comment, a complaint, a grievance, or whatever other thought fills your mind. I sincerely mean this too. I’m a sucker for good conversation, and there will be times that I will be quite frank, to the point, and may even appear a bit cold. Please, don’t hesitate to disagree. I welcome a good debate and argument!!

I thank you in advance for reading or skimming these posts, and I hope that my words and thoughts have been worth your time.


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